The investment we make today in those who stand between order and chaos will pay us dividends tomorrow in our safety, security and prosperity.

The Peace Officers’ Association of  Georgia (POAG) is the oldest and largest organization of “peace officers” in Georgia. Our diverse membership includes local, state and federal officers of all ranks and duties, from city police officers, deputy sheriffs, State troopers,  GBI Agents, DNR Rangers, corrections officers and district attorney’s to corporate security.image1

Our membership is supported through the donors of the Peace Officers’ Association of Georgia Foundation Inc. that provide the resources to achieve the POAG mission. The POAG mission mirrors the Foundation’s mission to promote the most professional and effective public safety possible for the citizens of Georgia.

POAG has a long record of representing the interests of ALL law enforcement officers, especially in the area of education and training. In 1962 the Executive Committee unanimously approved POAG continuing to support the establishment of a police academy; this was accomplished in Atlanta in May of 1964. In 1967, POAG sponsored legislation proposing a minimum training program for all that enter the police profession.

This and other recommendations from POAG’s Executive Committee were instrumental in establishing the Peace Officers Standards and Training (POST) program. POAG began offering POST certified training at its annual convention in 1988, and the practice continues today.

The mission of this Foundation is to provide the following to Georgia Peace officers:
a) Training to enhance effectiveness, efficiency and professionalism of officers
b) Promote Intelligence Led Policing
c) Promote research to develop evidence-based police practice
d) Promote education regarding crime prevention to Georgia’s citizens
e) Create literary and historical records regarding Georgia peace officers
f) Provide Scholarships for Officers and their family members
g) Provide a death benefit for officers beneficiaries


Donations should be made payable to:

Peace Officers’ Association of Georgia Foundation Inc.
PO Box 1040
Reidsville GA 30453